louise (lulu_plum) wrote in booktradingpost,


The Practical Guide To Runes - Lisa Peschel
All She Wanted - Aphrodite Jones
Phantasmagoria - Volume 4
I'm With The Band - Pamela Des Barres
The Wicca Spellbook - Gerina Dunwich
Never Again The Burning Times - Loretta Orion
Distancing: A Study of Avoidant Personality Disorder - Martin Kantor
Stardust - Neil Gaiman
Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror - John Ashbur
Discography - Sean Singer
Tales of The City - Armistead Maupin
This Country of Mothers - Julianna Baggott
Practical Candleburning - Raymond Buckland
Crow - Ted Hughes
Machiavelli's The Prince Cliffnotes
Tin House Volume 20
Unmarried To Each Other: The Essential Guide To Living Together As An Unmarried Couple - by Dorian Solot
& Marshall Miller

JD Salinger
Mary Gaitskill
Chuck Paluhniuk
Douglas Coupland
Augusten Burroughs
oh...I can't think of everything, so...

Anything on my amazon wishlist

Or anything, judging from my tastes, that I might like...

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