~ janine (lovepurplexo) wrote in booktradingpost,
~ janine

Mooch Books from Me.

Firstly, to the maintainers, I hope this is okay to post this, if not, please accept my apologies and feel free to delete this post.

Now onto the real deal.
I joined this super webpage to swap books.
Its called BookMooch.com
What I like about this site is that people from anywhere can join and swap books. NOT just people from America.

I've been a member for maybe a week or two, I've listed MANY books up for grabs and I have, to date received 1 book, with two others on the way.

What I like about it is that its based on a points system. You received points for listing books as well you received points for giving books. You also have to "pay" points when Mooching books from other users.

You do NOT have to pay any REAL money, except for postage when you are sending books.

I'm enjoying it, except no one is taking my books! *ha*

So feel free to join, check out my booklist below, feel free to mooch.
Its fun and worth it!!

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