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[26 Jun 2008|01:00pm]

Here's a great summer read for teenage girls - I read first it in seventh grade and loved it; now I'm entering college and I still think it's brilliant. Everything is written in free verse, with beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended.

(The video is only a minute long; make sure to turn up the sound.)

Happy reading!
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[11 Jan 2008|09:10pm]
У больных депрессией нарушенное чувство ответственности может проявляться в различных формах, в зависимости от того, в чем они видят причины своих успехов или неудач. Человек, склонный перекладывать ответственность за все, что с ним происходит, на окружающих, воспринимает себя как безвольную жертву чужого выбора. Иначе обстоит дело с интрапунитивным типом: такая личность в негативном народная медицина , эстетическая , медицина журналы , здравохранение реферат заболевание , грибковые заболевания , заболевания половым путем , симптомы болезни лекарственные препараты лекарственные средства признаки туберкулеза симптомы туберкулеза лечение эндометрита сахарный диабед признаки сахарного диабета сахарный диабет заболевание венерические заболевания w развитии ситуации обвиняет лишь себя. Отношение человека к проблеме ответственности непосредственно связано с его чувством вины, характером отношений с окружающими, осознанием собственной компетенции и самоуважением. Для природы человека характерен поиск факторов, отвечающих за ход событий, поиск причин происходящих
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Books for Sale OR TRADE! [24 Jan 2007|07:55pm]

Hello, I am new to this community so I apologize if it's not ok to list books for sale. I have had these books since I was a freshman in college and I'm now in grad school! I would like to see these books go to a good home either for people who are interested in their genres or for people who could use them in school. PRICES ARE VERY NEGOTIABLE!! I would even be willing to TRADE if you have something that I might like!
Thank you so much!

#1: The Early History of Rome: Books I-V of the History of Rome from its Foundation. By Livy (a Roman historian who lived from c. 59 BC to AD 17). Translated by Aubrey De Selincourt with an introduction by R.M. Ogilvie. Published by Penguin Books. First published in 1960, reprinted in 1971, paperback, 8” tall by 5” wide. ISBN: 0140441042. Bought USED for $8.95 from Bard College bookstore but there are no markings. Front and back covers are in excellent shape.

Book One: Rome Under the Kinds
Book Two: The Beginnings of the Republic
Book Three: The Patricians at Bay
Book Four: War and Politics
Book Five: The Capture of Rome

Was used in an introductionary class in Classical studies/Roman history during my freshman year (five years ago!) of which I forget the specific name. Willing to sell for $3.00!!

#2: The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus. By Paul Zanker. Translated by Alan Shapiro. Published by U of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor, 2003, paperback. 385 pages. 9" tall by 6 1/2" wide.
ISBN: 0472081241. Bought NEW for $23.95 from Bard College bookstore. No markings. Front and back covers are in excellent shape.

Black and White pictures, waxy pages, covers art and architecture from the Octavian period through the time of Antony, the New Imperialism, the Augustan Program of Cultural Renewal, New Rome, the Roman Empire of Augustus, also discusses art and architecture of the private sphere.

Was used in the same introductionary class in Classical studies/Roman history during my freshman year (five years ago!) of which I forget the specific name. Willing to sell $10.00 or best offer!

#3: Mapping the Social Landscape: Readings in Sociology. By Susan Ferguson. Published by McGrawHill, New York. 2002, paperback.
3rd Edition. ISBN:0072555238. Bought USED for $29.55 from Bard College bookstore. Some highlighting, a good amount of ink underlining, front and back cover are slightly bent and bruised.

This book has a lot of really interesting articles. The new edition includes an overview of the discipline of sociology, Zimbardo's famous prison experiment, African American teen pregnancy, school cliques, theories of sex and gender, White privilege, and much more.

Was used in Yuval Elmelech's Introduction to Sociology only a year ago. Willing to sell for $5.00!

#4:Readings in Social Research Methods. By Diane Kholos Wysocki. Published by Thomson Wadsworth, US, paperback, 2nd Edition.
ISBN: 0534619290. Bought NEW as part of a set from Bard College bookstore with another required textbook that I have already sold. Does not have a marked price. Small amount of highlighting, no bruises to outside covers, almost like new!

Was used in Yuval Elmelech's Introduction to Research Methods. Class only a year ago. Willing to sell for $5.00 or best offer.

#5: Tonal Harmony with an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music. By Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne. Published by McGrawHill, New York, 2000. Hardcover text book and paperback workbook, 4th edition. blue covers, revised printing,
Workbook with cd ISBN: 0073035122, Text book ISBN: 0072415703. Bought NEW as a set (text book and workbook together) from Bard College bookstore. Workbook was $32.90, the text book doesn’t have a price marked on it but I remember the total was close to $90 so the text book was probably about $60.00.
Text Book is like new, very minimal highlighting and some penciled markings. Workbook has some ink writing, some assignments that I handed in and were given back to me are included for your "research/help." Workbook comes with CD-Rom to use with textbook exercises.

This book is the bible for anyone interested in music theory or writing music. Used at Bard, also at SUNY New Paltz and ALL OVER!!

Was used in Kyle Gahn's Introduction to Music Theory/ Ear Training/Fundamentals my freshman year (five years ago!) Willing to sell both for $20.00 or best offer. Would like to see these music books go to a good home.
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book (memoir) [16 Sep 2006|12:57pm]

-has anybody heard of the book "News Junkie". Put out by Process Media, that crazy publishing house that puts out weird books?....
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Mooch Books from Me. [12 Oct 2006|08:49pm]

Firstly, to the maintainers, I hope this is okay to post this, if not, please accept my apologies and feel free to delete this post.

Now onto the real deal.
I joined this super webpage to swap books.
Its called BookMooch.com
What I like about this site is that people from anywhere can join and swap books. NOT just people from America.

I've been a member for maybe a week or two, I've listed MANY books up for grabs and I have, to date received 1 book, with two others on the way.

What I like about it is that its based on a points system. You received points for listing books as well you received points for giving books. You also have to "pay" points when Mooching books from other users.

You do NOT have to pay any REAL money, except for postage when you are sending books.

I'm enjoying it, except no one is taking my books! *ha*

So feel free to join, check out my booklist below, feel free to mooch.
Its fun and worth it!!

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does any1 have these 4 sale??? [12 Sep 2006|05:10pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I am looking for a gently used copy of the following books at super-great prices :-D!! :

Lake Mountain by Steve Gerlach

The Great Pretender be Millenia Black

*hardcover or paperback; doesn't matter*
Thanks :D

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[26 May 2006|03:30pm]
I have two more books to sell/trade: 'Beaches' by Iris Rainer-Dart & 'A Good Woman' by Lisa Appignanesi. $2 dollars/book, or $3.50 for both.
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[26 May 2006|02:25pm]
I have a brand-new book with a very slight crease in the spine that I'd like to either sell/trade. It's 'Lesia's Dream' by Laura Langston. You can learn more about the book here: http://www.lauralangston.com/books.html
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[06 May 2006|07:20pm]

I'm looking for these books.

"The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde
"The Letters of Mina Harker" by Dodie Bellamy
"Mina/ The Dracula Story Continues" by Marie Kiraly

Thank you:)
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Quick update [14 Dec 2005|09:56am]

Following my earlier posting about free UK book swap site ReadItSwapIt (http://www.readitswapit.co.uk/), some of you were a bit disappointed to find out ReadItSwapIt is only available to book lovers in the UK.

So I did a bit of research and have discovered that there's a really cool site in the US called Bookins (www.bookins.com) which, like ReadItSwapIt, is totally free to use.

There's also Title Trader and Paperback Swap, which are great as well. But I personally prefer Bookins - it seems to have a very simple swapping system and they also have this facility where you can print out the postage labels from your computer so you don't even have to go to the post office, which i reckon is pretty cool - wish Royal Mail allowed us to do that in the UK!

Sorry to do a big posting like this but I've been getting a lot of emails and thought some of you might appreciate the info :)
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Free books for book lovers! [12 Dec 2005|02:41pm]

Would any of you guys be interested in joining a site that allows you to swap books for free?

It's my boyfriend's site and I think he's doing a really worthwhile
thing because it costs him money but he doesn't charge anything. He
set it up in his spare time.

It's called ReadItSwapIt (http://www.readitswapit.co.uk) and it's got
over 500 users now and two thousand books available for swapping.

It really helps to spread literacy, stop waste and recycle books in the UK.

It's the only 100 per cent free site of its kind.

hope you don't mind me posting this, i just thought it might be
something you'd like to know about.

It's a great way to get rid of unwanted Xmas book gifts.

Or if you want to buy a book, you can get it there instead, for free - and it won't waste trees, cos you're recycling old books at the same time.

If you like the idea, please do join and put a link up on your LJ links page to help spread the word - the more people who join up, the more books everyone has to swap with.

If you'd like any more information please feel free to get in
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Stephen King's The Dark Tower as a Comic Book! [28 Oct 2005|04:37am]

Stephen King has announced that he will be producing original content for A Dark Tower series comic book. See the article here:
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Books for Trade [20 Jul 2005|04:29pm]
Hi, I have a bunch of books to trade. I am looking for classics, best sellers, chick lit, teen lit, and vocab/grammar/punctuation books.

All the Gossip Girl books are in nearly perfect or perfect condition.

Margy is a library discarded item, but it is still readable.

Ask for conditions if you want to know.

I also have:
The Healing Time for Hickeys by Karen Rivers
The Grim Grotto - Lemony Snicket
Flowers in the Attic - V.C. Andrews
Seeds of Yesterday - V.C. Andrews

Everything you need to know about Math Homework
Everything you need to know about Science Homework

Make an offer if interested. Thanks.
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[17 Jun 2005|08:52pm]

What I have to trade
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What I'm looking for
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[12 Feb 2005|10:18am]
I joined this group because i have had hundreds of books. We just moved to Las Veas from Seattle. I packed everything and my husband loaded and drove while me and our 3 kids flew here. Well I had put all my books in rubbermaid bins. He forgot them! =( The Salvation Army picked them up along with the real donations. I'm grieving!!! Yikes.
Thought I would share that! I now have oh... 0 books to trade. haha Amazon shall be my best friend.
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x-post [31 Jan 2005|03:19pm]

Books I Have To TradeCollapse )

Things I will trade *for*Collapse )
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Lot of 39 books for sale on eBay (Giger, King, Marquis De Sade, etc) [26 Jan 2005|09:36am]
[ mood | stressed ]

Hello all. If posts like this are not welcome then go ahead and delete it. I hate to have to do this because I haven't had the opportunity to finish reading all of these yet, but, I'm moving (getting kicked out-whatever) so I need to sell these, but, I'm selling them together as one lot. I've been trying to find a used book store that will by them, but, there are none by me.

Thanks! Take care!

This is all that this sale includes:
1. The New Sensual Massage by Gordon Inkeles
2. Stage Makeup: Step-By-Step by Rosemarie Swinfield
3. Keep It Simple Series Guide to Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa
4. Sociology: The Central Question by William Kornblum
5. Delicious Vegetarian Food
6. Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis & Ralph Jones
7. Home Recording For Musicians by Craig Anderton
8. Salvador Dali: The Paintings, by Robert Descharnes & Gilles Neret
9. The Bodybuilding Encyclopedia by Connors, McCormick, Grymkowski, & Kimber
10. Modern Recording Techniques by Huber & Runstein
11. HR Giger ARh+
12. FileMaker Pro 6 Visual Quickstart Guide by Nolan Hester
13. A History Of Capitalism by Michel Beaud
14. Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories
15. A Concise Introduction To Logic by Hurley & McGruder, Ph.D.
16. Suicide: A Study In Sociology by Emile Durkheim
17. The European Philosophers From Descartes To Nietzsche by Beardsley
18. The Living U.S. Constitution by Padover & Landynski
19. How The Mind Works by Steven Pinker
20. The Misfortunes Of Virtue by The Marquis De Sade
21. Nine Inch Nails by Martin Huxley
22. A People’s History Of The United States 1492-Present by Zinn
23. The History Of Mathematics by Ball
24. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
25. International Guide To Mixed Drinks
26. Drugs: A Directory by Harry Shapiro
27. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
28. The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker
29. Christine by Stephen King
30. Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales by Stephen King
31. Insomnia by Stephen King
32. From A Buick 8 by Stephen King
33. The Gunslinger: The Dark Tower I by Stephen King
34. The Drawing Of The Three: The Dark Tower II by Stephen King
35. The Waste Lands: The Dark Tower III by Stephen King
36. The Talisman by Stephen King
37. Hearts In Atlantis by Stephen King
38. Black House by Stephen King
39. Bag Of Bones by Stephen King

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Hinduism books for Buddhism books [01 Oct 2004|12:24pm]

This is a long shot because no-one will be interested most likely... Anyway, I have a lot of books on Hinduism, and in particular Gaudiya Vaishnavism (the Hare Krishna movement). They are either duplicates or books that I don't read anymore.

I will trade these for any books on Buddhism, in particular Tibetan Buddhism. (If you're not interested, but do know someone who would, then please get in touch.)

Email rama dot kesava at virgin dot net

list of booksCollapse )

(crossposted to used_books, book_swap, booktraders, booktradingpost)
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TRADES!!! [19 Sep 2004|03:21pm]

I have to trade:

Children Of THe Supernatural by Robert TRalins

Alfred Hitchcock mystery Magazine June 1992

Life-Saving Health Secrets

Mayo Clinic Heart Healthy Eating Guide For Women

Take Off 20 Pounds And 20 Years In 20 Weeks Or Less Naturally

Vitamin Prescriptions For Healing

101 Energy Secrets To Banish Fatigue

Guideposts: From Physics To Fastballs: How A Teacher Made His Big-League Debut

Our Most Memorable Meal: Family Favorite Receipes

Home Remedis From The Good Old Days

Mother Nature's Miracle Medicine
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book exchange [02 Aug 2004|05:59pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This is the last chance for anyone interested in doing the book exchange. If you don't know what it is, it's this thing where you mail one used paperback book you've already read to one person and then send a letter to six others. In doing this you should receive 36 books in return.

If you're interested email me your address at ratsmd@hotmail.com If you recently gave me your email address you should have already gotten an email back from me. If not let me know.

Please don't make any comments about this being a pyramid scam. While it may sound like one technically, no one is making a profit off of it except the post office so to call it that would be silly!

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